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Friday, June 15

London the Summer Musical

Okay, I know I'm a little late on this but exams just ended and I can now write a proper recap. (:

Got invited to watch London the Summer Musical a couple weeks back . I am a sucker for musicals!
Its Broadway in Malaysia! Just waiting for a Wicked-ish  story line to come over. 

London the Summer Musical

The story revolves around 3 American stewardesses. Looking at them I thought they were 
Pan-Am girls. Like the show? Yea.. which would mean this was set back in Pan Am's heyday, in the 1920's? 

Hahaha, it was one of my plans ya know? To be a jet setting air stewardess. 
But alas, the minimum height is 5'2 and I'm 5'1 -____- *oh the irony*

Rush scene
Directod by Aaron Lee, the plot was basically about 3 stewardesses on a layover from the States. As you can tell, they were in London for a lil while. 

The main 3 female leads really belted out the tunes! There were songs like Uptown Girl,  Mama Mia, Circle Of Life, Can You Feel the Love Tonight and Footloose!

And yes, as you can probably guess, I was singing along too. Luckily I was seated next to Sharmayne someone who's already used to my bad singing and random actions hahaha. 

The main characters were Penny, Cindy and Crystal. Penny used to dream of being a  Hollywood star, but somewhere along the way something didn't quite fall through. 

So she became a stewardess, travelling the world. On her last trip to London, she met this guy(William) and had an instant connection to her. But as she was leaving, he didn't turn up. Thus breaking her heart, thinking that he had *by all accounts* ditched her.
So cute, Pennnyyy! Totally reminds me of Big Bang Theory's Penny!

When she comes to London this time round, again she bumps into him. Must be fated? At first she is angry, but as he explains what caused his absence, she forgives him. So happens William is working on a performance thing. And he needs one last act. 

Huzzah! You can agak agak the next la kan? (:
For more, you should go watch to find out. 
This was probably my favorite scene! 
When they paid tribute to James Bond, I was thoroughly amused! Hey, who doesn't love 007, the man of mystery?

favorite costumes ever! I wouldn't mind having one :D 
That's one thing about musicals eh? I love the loudness of it all, the lights, costumes and music!
Cast, director and writer.
I don't wanna tell too much cause I'd be spoiling it for you. But there were a few things I should mention. 

    1. There are 20,000 sponsored seats for the underprivileged under Sunway's CSR program. I love it when people give back! (:
    2. When asked how they find the Malaysian audience, the case said "Amazing" <3 *ngawww blush* 
    3. Although most of the main cast are from overseas, its great to see our homegrown kids on stage! Growing up, I was always(like many) told that the performing arts didn't hold much future. How that's changed! Makes me wanna put on my ballet shoes and prace about again. Really glad to see this. 
    4. Its a musical, and I understand that while the songs were chosen based on relevance + popularity. I'm a sucker for when original songs are written. Would have loved more of those.
    5. My seat was so angled so I apologize for the angled view. Please give us bloggers a photo-friendly seat next time? I know its by invite, but yeh. I keep the photos too y'kno? They go up on my inspiration wall (: 
    6. How come this time don't have the behind the scenes? I miss that! It was so cool getting to see them making the set. That's always been a back burner dream of mine. To make props for sets. 

Overall I rate this musical 6.5/10. (original songs would have gotten you 8) 

A big big thank you to Sunway Group and FP Avante for the invites! 

My poor date who suffered my bad singing hahaha
Mandatory shot of self, I clearly had no choice but to be snapped. 
This shot came after Miss S spammed us with shutter clicks...

The gorgeous stage! :D cool eh?
Stayed back after the show so I could have a look at the set! 
Its function-able as in, you can actually sit there and climb all over. 
Clearly I have never been to London, but ahahaha I got to step foot in it for abit! (:

Don't know why I really loved this post. Heck if I could, I would have taken it home with me!
But then again, where'd I put it? #womanlogic 

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