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Saturday, June 9

Snow White & The Huntsman Review

This movie was like this! Dead, visually fantastic but story wise terrible.
So this movie generated a lot of buzz.
Second one this year to cover the story of Snow White, with a twist of course.

Durh. If not copyright infringement la kan? Must pay more royalties hahahaha.

Okay looks like I've been studying alot of MLaw. *crossmyheart* I'll pass this paper well. With all the stress its giving me.

To be honest about the movie?
I NO LIKE.....
1) I don't like Kristen Stewart, she has close to no facial expressions. Although she does embody Snow White to some extent.
2) It constantly reminded me of LOTR, HarryPotter, Narnia,Thor., Alice in Wonderland and Thor... *BOOO* where's your originality. (I know you produced Alice but it doesn't have to be the same)
3) Hunger Games was way better.

BLOODY HELL, this is show white :D That innocence, that adorable goofy aspect. Lovable!

You are welcome to think otherwise, heck critical thinking is important.

But with that said Charlize Theron was awesome! I loved her costumes and crowns. This year's Halloween idea? Sounds good to me..
He's a prince? I thought he was just a childhood friend.

Crap how can this lose to Kristen Stewart laaaa...

Bitch please, of course I'm hotter! Trolololol

SPOILER* - Seriously, she was hotter even as an old lady! Those eyes....

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