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Saturday, July 7

Food post!

Current mood= L-A-Z-Y. 
Can ya blame me? Its summer. And while its always summer here in Malaysia,
I happen to be on a semester break. So ha, ha and ha. 

Heavy photo post. To be Malaysian, is to love food.
So had brunch with a friend today at Plan B, Bangsar Village
Egg's Benedict
Sam ordered this, and gave me a lil bit to try. The name was pretty intriguing but basically its a poached egg sitting atop some ham on an English muffin. 

Got a tad too creamy for my liking though. Guess I don't really enjoy Hollandaise sauce.  Wonder  if the Egg's Royal would be any better? People who enjoy richness in food would love this though.

Hollandaise = egg yolk, butter, lemon juice and salt.

Plan B breakfast platter
This is what I had. Yes BIG kan? It was truly delectable. Every  itty bitty morsel. So there's like a tonne of food on that plate right? Lemme break it down for you. 

There's baked beans, a chicken sausage, a hash brown, ham, sauteed cherry tomatoes and portabello mushrooms and a choice of egg on toast.
Served with a cup of OJ and either tea or coffee.

You get to choose between scrambled (what I had), Benedict and Royale. 

It's huge! Recommended for people with big appetites. I got through everything except the bread and half the egg. 

Moving on, these are photographs from my travels. Mostly food, and then some (:

Fraser's Hills Scott Pub
Old school cookies. I'm sure just about everyone has had their parents pack some of these cookies for them during primary school.
L-R raisin biscuits, jam tarts, cream sandwiches, Marie biscuits, chocolate wafers,
Kuala Kubu Baru
A flower they use as decoration in Lo Table, One Utama

Creme Brulee @ Huck's
To date, the best Creme brulee I've had.
Creamy and light, with the right level of sweetness. The trick I suppose is in using Brown Sugar. Somehow brown sugar always gives food the right level of sweetness.
Chocolate Mudpie @ Hucks
Also very yummy. Taste very much like an ice cream cake. All chocolate lovers should try this. It's just that good.
Stone pot pork rice @ Goku Raku Ramen, Paradigm
Recently headed down to Pg with one of the bff's. 
Makan trip!
Hokkien Mee or Prawn Mee @ Lorong Selamat
Kueh Kak @ New Lane
Peanut Soup. something quite unique. Probably only found in Penang? @Chulia Street
Kuey Teow Th'ng soup. @chulia st
Kuey teow th'ng dry @chulia st
Abu Mamak 
Abu Mamak is Penang's version of Murni here in KL. Fusion mamak food.
Roti CES (cheese, egg, sausage)
Roti Samurai. (dessert based roti) has sausages, chocolate, chilli sauce, mayo, raising and preserved sweet cherries.
Fried Nasi lemak. *this photo cannot be beautiful, sorry*
Ayer Hitam's famous asam laksa.
Lotsa people frequent this stall.
Ayer Hitam's morning market.
A dessert called See Koh Th'ng @ Chulia Street.

Penang's weather was so fantastic. Always windy. And it was superbly clean despite some flash flooding. AND SAFE!!
With all the recent bad news and robberies, it feels as if we are all unsafe. Somewhat wish, it was okay for people to carry defensive weapons. 

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