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Monday, November 5


To be honest, I love science and math. Math without alphabets! But math (: 

I'm going to be considered "unemployed" in ohhhh about 5days time!
Then its off to Penang, Melaka and maybe Legoland.

It may just be that my university life is ending. That my formal education life is ending which makes me feel like a paradigm shift is soon to hit me. AND HARD. *thats what she said* ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ呵呵呵呵

Excited! Nervous! Nostalgic even......NOW BACK TO WORK

Here's a cute puppy that looks like a baby bear and a hipster photo because I admit I am quite hipster.

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Naana said...

cool........I didn't get what you were really trying to say but great post anyways