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Monday, January 28

Samsung Galaxy Camera || II Weeks of Exploration

Photo diary of my short escapade with the Samsung Galaxy camera.

I'm getting mad spoilt by this lil gadget! Every time I whip it out people whisper 'omg, Galaxy Cam'
*i like all this attention, hurhur*

I'm only getting it for 2 weeks so I'm testing it on every possible platform. My current snappers are the Panasonic Lumix GF2 with 15mm and 14-25mm lens, and the Nex-3 with Kit lens.

Part of me wishes there was an underwater mode cause then I'd get to try taking all those wonderful . Although its fantastic for immediate sharing, I have to log onto wifi zones cause I don't have a MicroSim ): But my IG has been updated more regularly and you followers can tell which are from the Samsung Galaxy. Have been hashtagging and stating which photos were Shot, Edited and Posted by the #Samsunggalaxy

Was so happy to be given the opportunity to review this gadget because I love photographs that capture moments. I'm not a pro but one day *fingers crossed I'll get there*. This post is a round up of Week 1 of 2 and is purely based on my opinions and experience. Only Scene and Auto mode's were tested this week. 

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  • Light weight (Compared to DSLR's)
  • Multiple mode's for almost any situation
  • Dual function as a mini tablet
  • Immediate posting to FB, IG, Twitter, YouTube and more
  • Android OS, v4.1 (Jelly Bean), upgradable to v4.1.2 (Jelly Bean)
  • Side grip to prevent camera from slipping
  • 21x zoom, great for concerts
  • Ability to Whatsapp and message
  • Size wise a wonderful gadget as you can slip it into most clutches/totes
  • Great Panorama mode that doesn't cut & compress (Nex-3 has this prob)
  • Ability to snap, edit and post right away. (with 3G/wifi)
  • Beautiful white exterior (am abit bias because I love white cams)
  • You can play games on it.
  • Suft the web if you get bored, or like me your Iphone dies quick. *aish*
  • Highly affordable. Retails for RM 1830 (online stated price)
  • Great for a 1st time photographer/someone who's interested.
  • Widest screen for a compact cam so far. 
  • Has touch screen functions. Very interactive
  • Has speech command option
  • In built flash.
  • Can link to all other Android devices easily and sync data from Android account.
  • Can Skype and blog! :D
  • Has amazing best face/best photo options


  • Battery life drains quickly on 3G/apps.
  • May hang if overheats
  • Is heavier than most compact camera's and doesn't fit into pockets.
  • Grainy when images are bloomed up
  • Lacks call function. Am sure the next camera will have this function. Haha 
  • Tendency to lag
  • A bit of problems with white balance (especially in Auto mode)
  • Not the best performance in low light modes

Okay so moving on, below is a photo diary and I'll not explain much except the modes used. As a camera is used for photo's? That's that. 

Email me any enquiries/modes you'd like me to test for Week 2. Will be exploring the Manual mode. 
Next post is about editing & posting via the camera. x

::macro mode::

Met pretty JQ there.
::Auto mode::

::Rich tone mode::
Excited Lulu
::Action freeze mode::
::Panorama mode::

::Action freeze mode::

::Rich tone mode, no flash::

steak & kidney pie from Jarrod & Rawlins, Bangsar
::Rich tone mode::

My favorite tea
::Macro mode::

::Auto mode::
::Macro mode::

Rich Tone mode. Which combines 2 shots into 1 HDR shot.

Man U Yoda.
::Auto mode::

Alotta Mao's
::Auto mode::

::Macro mode::

Kitchen, used night mode on this.
::Night mode, no flash::

The pony we all rode on as kids.
::Macro mode::

::Landscape mode::

Lazy Saturday
::Auto mode, zoom x 8::

Teasers for the next post.

Shot, Edited & Posted w the #SamsungGalaxy camera
Lighting adjustments: MXTT
Bokeh: MXTT
Font: Phonto
(I don't apply filters)

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REALLY AMAZE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mel said...

Wow, these are really nice photos. Thanks for review.

Kai said...

Your photos are really great. I wish I could make my IPhone 4's camera respond so aptly. ^ _'^