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Friday, December 14

photos! too busy to write :P sorry


all my love :) enjoy your christmas this year :)

lamb shanks.
ankle if you dunno what shanks are. :P
Delicious by Miss Read too :)

mushroom marcaspone
@ Delicious by Miss Read
in Bangsar Village II

minestrone soup :)
@ Delicious by Miss Read

onigiri i made
now i'm addicted to onigiri!
its so hard to find in Malaysia

Vietnam Kitchen :)
presentation says alot.

a lazy day by the pool? pond?? fountain??
anything larh. water is soothing and thus
good :D
ps* don't drown yrselves la. if you don't know how to
swim stay OUT la dungu!! or use a floating device.*

*snowflakes are falling on my head*
ah how we wish!
the humidity in malaysia is
like 90%! i think**
snowflakes would evaporate before they hit anyone!
**for those who kena hail stones i'm sorry larh. ahahax unlucky!**


Samsung U-300

see touch screen :) *drools*

Samsung E-950
touch screen!
*all i want is christmas is youu* (and more!)

check it out
batman at my church!

baskin robbins :)

lets dress up :)
masquerade style!

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