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Sunday, May 17

cuz its all in my head, i keep thinkin of it over and over again

Swimming at Jacs. lovely (:
her room is so cute and cozy!
loved it.

headed to Picadilly's but they were packed.
so we pong chan *gave our business* to iThai instead.

got italian stuff la. if not i die die also won't be able to eat anything?

qoute numerous people "Amelia, you really not Malaysian laaaarrh"
*insert sarcastic face*

afterward. sent Chuen home.

rushed to ss2. Edwins house.

wait wait wait.

bout 12 headed to Zouk for some Hennessey event.
had some minor glitches. But Eva got us in (:

sorry for the trouble Miss Eva.
Nice meeting you and Sheryl btw.

funny thing.
walking into Zouk, i told Jac;
"Hmmm, maybe we'll bang into Chen."
*walks 10feet more*
sees Chen smoking outside Zouk -_-

speak of the devil man!
damn scary lorh.

say only, betul betul come true!

dude, you got a very long life la.

and and Qx thanks for trying to get us in. lol. unfortunately phail.

♥☼♫Miss amelia♥♫™

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