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Saturday, October 8

Rexona; Don't Sweat It.

Did you know that 1 in 6 Malaysian's would rather hold their breath than tell their friends they have B.O?

Ugh, I hope I'm not one of the smelly ones. Cuz I've yet to hold my nose. Oh mon dieu. I wanna be able to do the same pose the model is doing in the ad. *mua.hah.ha*

Attended the Rexona Don't Sweat It event earlier this week, got a lil more educated regarding well, sweat!
To be more precise, what makes sweat; smell.

Firstly, we have light movement. With Chuen as my example here (:
It is true, even playing on the xbox it can get a lil sticky. Especially if you get all excited and start jumping around, like I always do. *hurhur*

Its good to know, Rexona will help aye? *wink*

We then moved on to this! :D
Can you guess what this is?

No, the answer is not a makeshift beach. But you are close!

Any clues?

Its a scene depicting a beach photoshoot! 
So you feel the H-E-A-T!
Yeaps thats cause number two. HEAT.

Living in a warm country like Malaysia, you can be sure that there will come days where you wish it would snow. Well, now like that's ever gonna happen. *smirk* As girls we end up in the spag tops and shorts right?
So ladies? You know what you gotta do, make sure you are presentable and smell good!
Never, never never never ever! Leave the house without some deo. Or you'll definitely be the person everyone's running away from. PEEEEUUUUUU.

But I must say, I got a gorgeous Polaroid out of that shoot :D
But erh, every polaroid turns out pretty heh.
Will post it up on Facebook. 

Moving on, we have stress! Yes, stress can make you sweat even in a 16' air conditioned environment. 
True story!

So don't think that you're off scott free just because you have the AC on your side. 
It might not be your best friend once the work stress rolls in.

I sit in a freezer of a classroom most days and run out just to warm up. But then I end up,,,..... sweating. And then getting sticky and smelly and cold again and the cycle goes on, it is vicious! ):
To save yourself some time make sure you smell awesome then you have no fear to sweat and come back into the classroom.

At least if it smells, you know. It.isn't.you! hurhurhur :P

I hope my smoking classmates read this, one day I will spray them with deo just to drop a "hint"

Then we have humidity.
You know this is so true!?

Especially when you have those silly 5seconds of rain and then feel terribly dirty. 
You may not sweat right away. But the residual heat will get to you.

Somehow those kinds of rain don't do nothing but bring a heatwave. 
Thus resulting in you being a stink-a-puss. 

This booth had one of those mist fans. Which sprayed you with some mist to simulate those 5second rain showers. 

Meanwhile you also got a hand massage. Obviously being the very very vain homosapien that I am, I skipped this one and watched some guys step right in. *hurhurhur

Most of them came out,.... shiny. If you know what I mean (;

If you don't,... Google it. 

After going through the 5factors of sweat. The invited guest got to grab a bite. The food was good. I'm going back to Glitters cafe for some bites soon! Pleasantly.surprised

After which Brand Manager, Miss Chin addressed Rexona's aim to beat all 5 factors of sweat!

For more news and information regarding Rexona and its products.


Thank you to Rexona and Edelman Malaysia for the experience and education (:

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