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Monday, December 5

Aladdin The Musical Part 1

Thanks to Avante, I got to watch yet another musical!

I love musicals. Sadly, Wicked is banned here.

These are pictures from Aladdin the Musical!

Helped le mom with the bloggers list, since she was away in China.
Heh, my fav font strikes again!
Waiting for all le bloggers

Now who did that to Captain Quack McDuck? *hehehe*

2 very fiesty kids. Non stop dancing! So cute!

Look who they brought back!
BOOM* Firepowah


Market place. See that black smuts above?
That's Aladdin flying fox-ing down!


Inside the cave of wonders
Melody Khoo x Hx Low of www.violetgale.blogspot.com

And thats as far as I can edit for now. taa


Ryan said...

Wait...why is wicked banned here?

Amelia.Chantalle said...

smthg about like promoting witchcraft -.- same issue they had with Harry Potter.