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Thursday, August 28

Cafe Hop: Oh Scooter Cafe & Roast Factor Glee

Oh Scooter Cafe, USJ 21

Decided to check out Oh Scooter one day since Fiq's Gastronomy was closed. Phfft, we forgot to account for Ramadhan timing. But then again, tummy growls then the brains don't always put 2 and 2 together.

A truly quirky cafe.
Oh Scooter is opposite Main Place. Its quite hard to spot really. But if you aren't familiar with USJ or Subang, I'd say please bring a Subang Lang. 

Or, have Waze. You'll get there. Just,.... don't drive too fast okay? 
Or you will miss the turning. 

Ye, betul ada scooter.

Sorry for the butts. I couldn't clear the set.
They had no food. Woe is me! But we had Tiramisu
Not too bad, was really cold and almost ice-cream like. I personally prefer the tiramisu in a cup or D'Italian style in a shell. Do try their other cakes. They look.....drool-worthy. 

That's Main Place in the back

Bestfriend demo-ing. I was a tad late. Lemme show you the original Signature Coffee. 
Signature Coffee. Follow my Instagram @ameliachantalle for more.
So let me teach you how to drink this abo gastronomic adventure. 
  1. Take the cotton candy and place it above your cup, there's milk in it. (hot/cold)
  2. Proceed to pour warm espresso on it. Thereby, melting it. 
  3. Watch the candy melt. 
  4. Stir coffee, sugar and milk. 
  5. Enjoy!
mmhmm, Flat White
Had this, my staple Flat White. Which someone told me is superbly fattenning yesterday....... darn! 

Won't stop me. Guess I'll go run an extra 30mins? 

Oh Scooter can be found @ Jalan USJ 21/10, Subang Jaya, Puchong

 Roast Factor Glee

Dropped by this hidden gem with Isaac a lil while back. Such a waste that Yien could not join us. But to our surprise, she'd already discovered this hidden gem.

They really are all about re-use

No idea if they had real beans inside.

Flat White

Flat White x Latte
The Flat White here was so good. A tad bitter for me, but the kind of bitter one would enjoy.

Baked Eggs
This was so yummy, please note that most things here have bacon. It's not halal. 
But drinks are halal. 
Love thin crust!
This Pizza was so good! I'm not sure if there's a wood oven. But we got served this on a rack. Personally feel that most minimalist will love it here. 

Chill, comfy and full of contrasting elements. 

Roast Factor Glee can be found @ G06 Village Shops @ The Club, 9 Bukit Utama, No. 9 Persiaran Bukit Utama, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia


henry tan said...

looks like a comfy place to hang out at!

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