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Monday, August 25

Cafe Hop: Urbean, Avenue K & LOKL Coffee

Urbean @ Avenue K

 Mannnn! This post is so backdated. 
How backdated you ask? Oh bout a week before my birthday (24th May -> mah birthday)
I'm so beligerantly delilligent it burns. Hahahaha 

Well, we decided to give some spots in Avenue K a try since Alvina who is an Ampang girl was a lil tight on time. Last time I lopped over to Avenue K, I still wore a school uniform. *damn i feel old*

The joke was on me, walked in to this.
See balloon sampai siao.
Okay, they can be quite normal. The fork makes it seem like Alvina's got a tattoo. *badass*

The usual flat white.
The flat white hear was quite bitter, would have preferred a better balance of milk vs coffee ration. I'd rate it a 3.5/8. Not quite my cuppa. 

Terribly sorry, no photo's of the food. But we had the Quinoa Salad and Carbonara. Both were decent, but the portions were insane. Real bang for buck, but our tummy's couldn't take it. Quinoa, is a really filling item, and Urbean was generous to say the least. 

Carbonara was yummy, but as the portions were so huge, it got a lil sickening *jelak* quickly. Probably finished only 60%. Urbean, I'd advice you to shrink the portions by about 25%, raise your profit margin and lessen food wastage. 

URBEAN Cafe can be found @ : C-14 Avenue K 156, Jalan Ampang 50450 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

LOKL @ Jalan Tun HS Lee. 

Headed for a different Saturdate with Sharmayne. Lord knows this is shit backdated so I don't remember dates. All I know is, we hopped to 3 cafe's and a flea market on this particular day. 

I think we hit VCR, LOKL then Pulp. *permanent-daze*

Well, moving on. 

LOKL is a cafe/hostel owned by local celeb, Cheryl Samad. They serve halal Hainanese Cuisine and of course,...COFFEE!

Flat White again
This flat white didn't cut it for me. It was way too watery. You know how coffee's meant to be robust and creamy. Especially a flat white, its meant to have this balance between milk and coffee. Sadly, this one seemed to lack the balance as well. 

I'd skip and order the juices. Fresh and good for a morning boost.
Roasted Veggie Panini
This was divine, I know it doesn't look like much; but it came with a side of salad which was pretty yummy. I loooove roasted veggies. Gives veggies a kind of depth. But the bread was jaw breaking. Panini's are so crunchy and yummy but they also have to be soft so you can eat like a human being. Yeah? This panini was a tad too crispy, I gave up eventually and ate all veggies leaving the bread.

After this, we walked around LOKL, I don't have pictures cause they're all with Sharmayne. But I mentioned LOKL being part backpackers lodge? Its gorgeous, also alot of ang moh walking around scantily clad. And by scantily clad, I mean in towels and nothing else. 

I could see myself living here and being terribly happy. 
mmmhmm, eye candy! 

LOKL can be found @ : 30 Jalan Tun H S Lee, 50100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

I Google'd 2 images to show you what LOKL looks like. Please noone sue me for copywrite. It's on Goooglee.  


+ Suresh + said...

Heyyyy... First Time here!

What an interesting read! I think i was more hooked on to the fact you made this post sound really funny.. Oh well,better posting up things later than never I guess.

Write more Amelia & Yes Flat white's are usually my favourite pick too. There should be consistency with the Coffee and the Milk and it should always remain creamy, frothy or call it thick.

So when's the next blog post coming up? :p

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