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Thursday, August 21

Cafe Hop: VCR

So 2014, has seen multitudes of cafe's popping up. Its the new culture I suppose, and Saturdates are a thing.
Its become my new favorite weekend activity. Pffttt, tipuu; weekdays also lah!

This year, I've hit cafes in Penang, Ipoh, Sabah and of course Kuala Lumpur and PJ.
My wallet has been on a perma-diet. I have no apologies. The glutton in me can't help myself. 

Heck, its always a:- 
  French Fries - YES PLEASE
Apple pie: YES PLEASE
LEKOR: ZOMAGAD *throws money, gimme gimme gimme* 

Now add on: Flat white.... pokai T__T but fat and happy. So nevahmind.

So have some foodporn, I love to make people hungry at ungodly hours. Wait for it. 

Been here 2x, I still drove past it. Pretty easy to miss.

Now, with hot food!

My Saturdate. Face not too bad on an early morning, for an advertising girl.


Choice drink : Flat white
If you follow me on Instagram (@ameliachantalle) you'll know that Flat white is the drink I'll always order at cafe's or coffee spots. I figure, to fairly compare each drink they at least have to be the same drink? Its not fair to compare a cappuccino to an espresso dopio, right?.

Well, so far the best Flat White has been had here, a close second by PULP (consistency not as good). I've yet to try Thirdwave.

Bliss = rainy mornings + coffee and cake! The cake tasted more like a muffin tho.

Flat White
Poppy seed goodness. Thank God I don't have to sit for any medical test.

And for the ungodly hour torture? Here!

Potato Pancake @ VCR. Only available on weekends. RM25.

Please share the above item. I ate all my toppings and 1/4 of the waffle. Yea, the name says pancake so I expected rosti? But no complaints! I was stuffed. Perfect poached eggs, no cheat bundles. Sauteed mushrooms with that grill taste. Sun dried tomatoes made to puree and a perfect waffle! Not soft, not undercooked. Fluffy on the inside, crunchy on the outside. *take me back*

Okey, bye! Back to work. *cracks whip*


I need a new name for this space, any suggestions?

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